dvds for sale

Dvds for sale can come in many different formats with lots of different types of contents whether it be films, tv programmes or documentary. All have one thing in common they are for our entertainment and pleasure

Dvds have rapidly taken over from the the video tape as a source of visual and audio entertainment .Today i would like to talk about dvd films. First of all the ever popular action film.An action film is a film with lots of exciting moments within them like car chases ,fighting ,explosions and other types of stunts .The action more often than not centres around one or more individuals as being the typical heroes of the movie.

A comedy movie is a film with the main characters designed to induce laughter from the viewer by supplying entertaining stories combined with funny characters most of the comedy films all have happy endings.

Horror films on the other hand seek out to shock there viewers with terror and fear of the unknown and normally inspired by writers and authors like edgar allan poe ,bram stoker and steven king to mention a few . Most types of horror films have scary characters like ghosts,vampires,werewolves,demons,monsters and other scary things which are intended to send shivers down your spine.

Then of course you have war films which are most typically about various combat scenes and depict many historical events and battles which have taken place.Most of the themes in war films involve survival and combat. Many other nations such as china japan and russia have their own traditions of war films based on there revolutionary wars.

Another genre of films is the western which normally tell the story of cowboys or gunslingers in the the wild west in the second half of the 19th century .Westerns are sometimes known as cowboy films and depict the harshness of the early settlers in the west with history often told about cowboys,cattle ranchers,indian tribes and how they lived with each other .Many films have been made about the cavalry fighting with native american indians and star many household names as there lead actors.The western movie film was the most popular type of film made in the early to mid 20th century with stars such as john wayne and directed by noted directors like john ford.

An other type of film produced are cartoons and other animated films made for children but universally watched by adults also.The walt disney company started in 1923 and is still very popular today .The first walt disney animated film was snow white and the seven dwarfs and continued to make films well into the 21st century and is considered to be the best

Documentry films are intended to document historical records of real life events and are considered to be educational to the viewer.All the different types of films listed here are only a few of what is readily available to the public for viewing,whatever your interest i am quite sure that it will be available on film and possibly dvd .The best place to start your search for what you want is possibly dvds for sale.